Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control

Squirrel is a tiny bushy tail rodent which feed on seeds and nuts. Walnuts are their most favourite nut. Squirrels have variety of species in the entire world. Some of common species are.

  • Flying squirrel
  • Ground squirrel
  • Chipmunks
Squirrel Activities

It is very important to locate the damages of squirrel and their paths by which it travels, so that best
squirrel control method could be applied. Squirrel give birth every six months approximately five
kits. They have strong and sharp teeth and can chew any kind of material. Squirrels have
destructive habits which may include:

  • Excavating seeds
  • Stealing fruits
  • Pilfering bird seed from feeders Gnawing
  • Girdling trees
  • Digging small holes
  • Collect and hoard food
  • Nesting
Damage / severity

Squirrel nest is very difficult to locate and it may cause to demean the worth of your property.
Precautions are very necessary, we provide you the best precautionary services. With the help of
these significant precautions you may reduce the damages, our technicians will,

  • Trim trees and branches within your building, home or location so that squirrel can be able to leap.
  • Seal all holes which may squirrels lead inside your place.
Get rid of Squirrel

We provide you the best facilities of long term squirrel control. We use instant techniques as well,
like live trap or one way trap which are more helpful and useful in squirrel control. We are here
for you to prevent you by taking preventative measures. Call us anytime, we are always there for

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