Mice Control

Mice Control

Mice are mammals belonging to order “rodents”. Their most common species is “house-mouse” which is mostly found in homes, hospitals, storage godowns and field mouse are found in crops.

Mice have a body composed of

    • small rounded ears
    • pointed snout
    • long scaly tail and cylindrical trunk.

They inhabit holes, dark places and burrows with long tunnels. They are actually “night riders” which come out in darkness and seek help of their intensely sensitive sense of hearing.

How to identify mice to control?

Mice have brown to grey fur with comparatively longer snout and tail than voles and moles. They have small eyes and prominent ears. Mice are herbivores which mostly feed on seeds and berriess as well grains, the most favourite to them.


Mice are quite harmful creatures that’s why mice control (mouse control) is very necessary as it cause structural damages to buildings, crops and spread diseases like plague and hantavirus through their parasites and feces.

How to control them?

Most commonly used methods are

Baits: They have a high success rate if used properly by the pest control professional.

Mouse Traps: It is one of the most famous and recognized common and oldest method to kill mice is using mouse-traps.


Once mice invade your homes and stores, its somewhat difficult to get rid of them without causing damage, you can prevent them entering your territory by blocking and sealing the entry sites and doing other preventive measures as per strategies for mice control (mouse control) .

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