Rodents control

Rodents control

More than 2,000 species or kinds are present in the world. They are,

  • Mice
  •  Rats
  • Squirrel

Rodent word comes from Latin and its meaning is “to gnaw”. So as a squirrel gnaws on nuts, which are very hard. A rat likes to gnaw through different kinds of walls. Rodents are from group of mammals and mammals are warm-blooded and drink their mother milk, as well mammals have hairs or fur on their bodies. Rodents are very harmful and can cause millions of dollars in damages to the property In addition, they are the major carrier cause for more than 60 harmful diseases that are highly transmissible to humans, livestock and companion animals. Rodents are one of the most serious cause and threat to food industry and productivity worldwide. Rodents control is very necessary because it cause millions of dollars.


Rodents can be cause of many diseases and prove an incredible health hazard to humans.
Population of rodent grow quickly. In order to safe and protect your home, buildings, gardens and health from rodent infestations, you should call professionals immediately, sometimes customized solutions are necessary.


We gives you best services and prevention methods and techniques

  • keep your food sources away from rodents.
  • Garbage is the popular source of infestation,
  • Keep goods away such as grains and cereal and put them in Plastic boxes.
  • We gives you 24/7 services for rodents control.

Our rodents control Method includes but not limited to the use of different kinds of baits, traps, tracking powders and blocking the entries points to prevent them coming back to the buildings.

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