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The Best Pest Control Service Company for Termites in BC, Canada

If you live in British Columbia, Canada, and are concerned about termite control, you’re not alone. Termites can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and it’s important to invest in proper pest control for termites to prevent costly repairs in the future. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best termite Omni pest control services available in BC, Canada to help protect your home or business from termite damage.

How Termite Looks like?

Termites are small insects that are brown in color, have six legs and two sets of wings. They are common pests in the lower mainland of BC, Canada. In particular, termite infestations are a serious problem in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Belcarra and other areas of BC.

The most common type of termite in the lower mainland is the drywood termite. These insects form large colonies and can cause extensive damage to wooden structures. They usually enter buildings through cracks in foundations and other openings. They feed on cellulose material, including wood and insulation.

In order to effectively combat termite infestations, pest control companies use a variety of techniques such as bait stations, spot treatments, tent fumigation, and liquid chemical treatments. For maximum security, it is important to choose a licensed pest termite control company that offers warranties and guarantees for their services. Security Pest Control & Termite has been providing professional and reliable pest control services since in Port Coquitlam, White Rock, Fort Langley, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. All of their services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Types of Termite Services

When it comes to termite pest control in BC, Canada, there are many different services available. Security Pest Control & Termite provides comprehensive services that include inspection and treatment of infested areas. Our service is designed to target and eliminate active termite colonies while helping to prevent future invasions.

Our treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs and can include preventive measures such as barriers and baits, as well as removal of infested wood. We will also work with you to find the best possible solution for your home or business, using the most up-to-date products and technology. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service that is safe and effective, ensuring that your property is protected from these destructive pests.

Certification and Licensing

When it comes to termite pest control, having the right certification and licensing is essential. This ensures that you get quality security pest control and that the professionals providing the service have the necessary expertise and experience to do a good job. A reputable termite pest control provider should be licensed by your local government, and should have all the necessary certifications to provide the services in BC, Canada. The team should have trained personnel with certified qualifications in pest control and management, as well as in safety and health regulations. Make sure to ask the company for proof of certifications before engaging their services.


When it comes to termite pest control, you want to make sure that the company you’re hiring is covered in case of any damage or issues that may arise during the process. Security Pest Control & Termite Services in BC, Canada carries extensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind. This coverage includes general liability insurance, which protects you from any damage to property and bodily injury, as well as worker’s compensation insurance for any of their employees that are injured on the job. They also offer professional indemnity insurance to ensure their customers are protected from any professional negligence that may occur. All of these coverage options ensure that you’re in good hands with Security Pest Control & Termite Services in BC, Canada.


When it comes to termite pest control services in BC, Canada, you should never compromise on quality. Security Pest Control offers a comprehensive guarantee to all of our clients, so that you can be confident that your property is in safe hands. We provide our customers with peace of mind that they are receiving the highest level of service and the best protection against termite damage. Our guarantee ensures that your property will be free from termites for the entirety of the contract period, or we will take corrective action at no additional cost. As the leading provider of termite control services in the region, we are proud to offer this guarantee to all of our valued clients.