Bed Bugs – How to Get Rid of Them

Bed Bugs – How to Get Rid of Them

Bed Bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on human blood. They can live for several months without feeding. They’re reddish-brown in color and tend to hide in crevices during daylight hours. They are 1/4 inch long and have a flat body like an apple seed. Their bodies become redder after they have fed. The eggs are white when first laid but turn darker as they get older. They hatch in about 10 days and look like tiny white dots or pinpoints of dust.

There is no evidence that bed bugs transmit disease, but their bites can cause itching, welts, or hives in humans who react to their saliva (which contains anticoagulants). These welt marks will usually disappear within a few minutes to 24 hours. Although infestation may be annoying, there is nothing dangerous about them. In fact, most people do not know they have been bitten by bed bugs unless they see a bite mark or two. Effective control of bed bugs requires early detection followed by proper treatment. It’s important to call an experienced pest control professional immediately if you suspect you have a problem with these pests.

Signs Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Look for small, oval-shaped reddish-brown insects that feed on human blood. These signs include black dots on bed sheets and dark spotting on mattresses and other furniture. You may also see a sweet musty odor or tiny black fecal spots on your mattress or nearby walls. If you think you have an infestation, do not wait to call a bed bug control professional. Bed bugs can spread quickly once they get started in a home or business. It’s better to take care of them as soon as possible so they don’t spread to other areas of your home or office building.

How To Check For An Infestation

There are a few things you can do to check for bed bugs. In the daytime, bed bugs hide because they are nocturnal. If you suspect that your home has an infestation, try searching your house early in the morning and late at night when bed bugs tend to be more active. As they come out of hiding and start crawling around looking for a place to feed on human blood, they’re easier to spot and identify.  Look under beds, behind furniture, and inside cracks or crevices. Also look inside drawers and closets, as well as other places where these insects like to hide. Keep in mind that bed bugs don’t have nests like ants or bees; they live alone and travel from one place to another by hitchhiking on clothing or other items.

In addition to checking your own home, you should also search any hotels or vacation homes that you’ve stayed in recently. They might not be visible because they hide deep within mattresses and box springs, but it’s possible for them to spread from one location to another if their eggs get transported along with luggage or other belongings. When traveling, it’s important to remember that hotels aren’t always properly equipped with pest control products such as insecticides. It’s also common for hotel staff members not to know how to recognize bed bug infestations. So if you notice signs of an infestation while staying at a hotel, speak up immediately! You could save yourself and others lots of trouble by getting rid of these pests before they spread throughout your community.

Prevention Tips

The problem with these tiny pests is that they are a home invasion. This means that you have no control over them, unlike most household pests which we can prevent from getting into our homes. Since we can’t control where these bugs come from, it’s best to learn what we can do after they infest our houses. Prevention should be your main priority when it comes to bed bugs as they breed quickly and create thousands of more bed bugs within a month or two. Here are some simple things you should do every day in order to prevent them from breeding:

1) Wash all your clothes thoroughly;

2) Don’t take in any used furniture (especially beds)

3) Launder all clothes worn while traveling immediately on returning home.

One interesting fact about bed bugs is that they can live up to a year without feeding on humans. This means that you don’t have to be around infested places all day long, but your laundry still needs to be handled carefully when it comes home from being laundered in a public place. Therefore, follow these tips and hire professional help if things get worse.

In case you do find yourself with an infestation, here are some steps to take:

1) Isolate-affected rooms;

2) Vacuum all areas thoroughly;

3) Remove clutter and seal any cracks or crevices where they might hide;

4) Wash sheets and blankets in hot water (120 degrees F);

5) Place mattress covers on mattresses;

6) Treat cracks or crevices with insecticides;

7) Call professionals to treat the rest of the house if necessary.

Also, remember not to use chemical sprays unless you know what you’re doing as their misuse can make matters worse by killing off other insects which keep pests under control naturally.

You Can Get Help From a Professional Pest Control Company

If you are trying to determine when is best for you to hire a professional bed bug control company, then your main priority is getting rid of these pests as soon as possible.  These tiny insects do not spread disease and they do not cause harm, but their bites can be very itchy and they do feed on human blood which can cause an allergic reaction.

Bed bugs can be easily transported from one location to another by travelers who unknowingly bring them into their homes on clothing or luggage. So if you see bed bugs anywhere in your home or apartment then you should contact a pest control company immediately. Professional bed bug control companies have access to products that will kill bed bugs quickly and safely so they will be able to eliminate them from your home or business quickly and effectively.

You may also want to hire a professional bed bug control company if you are unable to determine how they got into your home or office because professional bed bug specialists know what clues indicate an infestation. Hiring an exterminator is often more cost-effective than trying to do it yourself because professional bed bug control companies offer free estimates and guarantees. They can provide everything you need for eliminating bed bugs.

As such, we recommend Omni Pest Control Company for Bed Bug Control immediately upon noticing an infestation. They are one of the most experienced and highly rated bed bug control companies in British Columbia Canada. They will be able to help you determine if you have a bed bug problem and then get rid of them quickly and safely.

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