12 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

Sick of dealing with pests invading your home? To keep them out, follow these pest control Maple Ridge tips and tricks to help you get rid of insects, mice, and other critters that make their way into your house. Keep reading to learn more!

1) Maintain a Clean Home

The easiest way to make sure pests don’t move in is to keep your home as clean as possible. Get rid of food, clutter, and garbage so pests don’t have a place to hide. Don’t bring plants into your home if you can avoid it many plant-based bugs sneak their way into our homes through flowers or shrubs we might have brought inside. To pest control in Maple Ridge also take care of pests that are already in your home: inspect fruit before eating it; seal any cracks or holes where cockroaches might be getting in; get rid of nests under sinks or behind walls. This will make it less likely that you have an infestation problem on your hands later on down the road.

2) Seal off Spaces from Outside Elements

If you’re wondering how to seal off spaces from outside elements, consider our 3 tips.

We know it can be difficult to pest control Maple Ridge and keep bugs from coming into your home, but it’s important to try! Sealing off open spaces is one of many things you can do to pest control deter pests from coming inside.

Seal off Open Spaces Remember that pests have a tendency to sneak in through little cracks and openings. When sealing off spaces from outside elements, make sure to focus on areas such as baseboards, window sills and any gaps between walls or doors. Use Simple Nails or Staples The best thing about using nails or staples is that they work quickly without having to spend too much time thinking about them; simply place them over gaps in window sills, corners of door frames or baseboards—anywhere there are large openings in walls or floors—and then attach molding around it all so no air can get in.

3) Use sprays, powders, and traps

These (Powders, traps and sprays) are best ways to pest control in maple ridge at your home. Traps take a more passive approach, while sprays and powders require a bit more effort on your part. So why use them? The biggest reason to use sprays or powder is that they work directly on areas that pests inhabit. Whether you’re using an ant trap or ant spray will largely depend on whether you prefer taking an active or passive approach to pest control and you can explore exterminator near me services. Sprays tend to be better if you live in close quarters with other people (and don’t want them exposed), while traps can be placed discreetly in less used areas of your home.

4) Call your pest control company regularly!

The first step in keeping your home pest-free is to make sure you have a great relationship with your exterminator maple ridge. Pests are often traced back to a customer’s failure to maintain their relationship with their exterminator maple ridge. Here are some tips on how to ensure you stay pest free by always keeping in touch with your exterminator maple ridge:

Schedule your appointments regularly; call them when you see something suspicious; follow all instructions they give you and avoid playing telephone tag whenever possible. Also, be sure to tell them if anything out of ordinary happens, such as pests inside during winter or other weird occurrences that could indicate an infestation. If pests do find their way into your home, contact your exterminator maple ridge right away; don’t wait until they’ve made themselves at home in your house!

5) Learn about mice control in Maple Ridge

Mice control is a necessary part of pest control maple ridge, but it’s not as simple as just hiring an exterminator maple ridge. You should know that mice in Maple Ridge can enter your home at any time, day or night. The first step to protecting your home from mice is by educating yourself about how they can gain access to your property. To get rid of mice and keep them out, you need to find out where they’re getting in so you can seal up those holes.

6) Keep things dry

One of your biggest weapons against pests is keeping things dry. In addition to getting rid of moisture and leaks, you also need to eliminate standing water wherever possible, as it can act as a breeding ground for different types of pests. If you have potted plants in your home, be sure they’re on a stable surface that won’t collect moisture from below or spray them with an anti-leak solution. It’s important to check regularly for signs of infestation so you can take prompt action if needed.

7) Start fresh with spring cleaning tips

During spring cleaning, you may want to work in sections of your home, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Once that area is clean, you’ll want to do some inspection and take note of any problem areas that need attention. This may include checking that ceiling fans aren’t damaged or full of dust, or looking into having a leaky pipe fixed. Even if it’s not an emergency situation, start by speaking with an exterminator maple ridge  like Mopar Pest Control Maple Ridge about how to prevent problems from recurring later on.

8) Identify signs of bed bugs in your home

Bed bugs can be very difficult to identify. The little critters are masters of disguise, able to blend into virtually any surface or fabric so that they become almost invisible. However, here are a few signs you should look out for:

1) Small red welts on your body;

2) Tiny blood spots on your sheets or mattress;

3) Dark black spots on your sheets, pillowcases, clothes and upholstery.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call an exterminator in Maple Ridge ASAP!

9) Don’t feed rodents or insects that come into your home

Many homeowners think that it’s okay to feed their unwelcome guests, but doing so often just makes matters worse. First, it encourages more pests to come into your home. Second, it only makes them hungrier (and desperate). Finally, if a rodent or insect gets used to coming inside your home regularly, you may find that it develops a habit of making its way indoors any time you leave your door open even a crack—or bites through an electric cable in order to get at food within reach.

To keep pests out of your house without feeding them—and without killing them—exterminators recommend keeping all food storage areas tightly sealed. If they can’t find any food when they visit our homes or yards, they’ll go somewhere else.

10) Clean garbage bins regularly

It’s pretty gross, but pests (like mice) love eating your leftovers. A full garbage bin is an open invitation to pests of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you keep your bin clean (and pest-free) by regularly emptying it in a timely manner. If you don’t have room inside your home, consider using a curbside recycling program that allows you to leave your garbage bins outside at night, when most pests are active.

11) Keep the Bathroom Clean

Whether you have ants, flies, or rats running around your home, chances are they’re headed to your bathroom. So if you want to avoid pests in other parts of your house, make sure you keep your bathroom squeaky clean. Cleaning products like bleach can be harsh on both humans and bugs. Luckily there are a number of alternative cleaning products out there that can help kill pests without harming your family or pets. For example, lavender oil is known to repel mice while lemon scented items are said to drive away insects. If you find yourself overrun with unwanted visitors (or just have a bad case of funk), try giving some natural solutions a shot!

12) Avoid Leaving Fruits and Vegetables out For Extended periods:

Keep fruits, vegetables, and nuts in their original packaging or in storage containers with tight-fitting lids. If you don’t think you’ll eat everything at once, cut or slice whatever needs to be refrigerated before putting it away. You can also place these items in airtight plastic bags or containers (it doesn’t need to be fancy!)—just make sure you press out as much air as possible before sealing them. As a rule of thumb, keep all produce away from other foods so that cross contamination won’t spread disease.

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